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This page contains links to Cut The Crap managed sites and useful links to other major web sites, arranged by category.

The managed sites are mainly those of small to medium local businesses who have also installed custom software to help them with their business.

Custom software can range from customer contact lists with mail-merge type form generation for either printed letters or email, to complete inventory and invoice systems using advanced features of the technology.

Managed Sites
Cut The Crap site zone The root Cut The Crap site with information on the software and technologies developed
Croft Motorcycles site zone A small, family run motorcycle business
CTC Technology site zone Agile and eXtremely RADical software solutions
Live Mail site zone The next step in effective business communications
Mail It site zone Simple structured email
Berkshire Business site zone Agile and eXtremely RADical software solutions
Studio Legale Internazionale Lombardo site zone London based Italian Soliciter
Twyford Dentist - Wargrave Road Dental Practice site zone Dental Services

For those interested in Cut The Crap Software here are some good entry points:

Cut The Crap Technology
Custom Software Development software development Make direct contact to see how productively technology can be applied.
Website Design website design Make direct contact to understand the benefits of a website that has a functional design.
The Software software This is the main software page.
Whitepapers whitepapers A selection of whitepapers discussing specific technology issues.
Downloads software downloads Find the main downloads as well as web application examples and LGPL utilities.
Cut The Crap Blog My Weblog This should be an evolving commentary.

When it comes down to it, there are only two sites currently recommended. Google provides the best search with the best content, and Yahoo, the best categorisation.

Recommended Search Engines
Google site
Google UK site
Yahoo site

The Developer Sites are those that have been found to contain genuinely useful resources.

Developer Sites
Freshmeat site
Java-Channel site
On Java site
W3C site
XML site

The Computer Industry Sites reference the major players. All the sites are well designed and relevant for anyone who is also interested in how to design a good site.

Computer Industry
Sun Java site
Apple site
IBM site
HP site
Microsoft site
Dell site
Linux site
Red Hat site
ACM site
Mozilla site
Byte Magazine site
Dr Dobbs Java page site
Software Design Journal site

Information is key, and everyone should know how to find things out from their government.

UK Government site
Inland Revenue site
US Government site
IRS site

Some more examples of well-designed sites.

Motor Industry
General Motors site
Ford site
NASA site
BBC site
CNN site
Guardian site


Berkshire Greenpeace

Berkshire Greenpeace

Amazon UK site
Amazon US site

last updated 22nd August 2004